Camp starts at 9am. (Drop off anytime after 8:30am.)

Staff are available starting at 8:30am for extra skill practice.

  • Lecture/Discussion: Our day starts with a five minute all camp lecture and discussion of that days objectives. 
  • Warm-Ups: All campers warm up with footwork technique in the outfield and stretch together at the start of camp.
  • Form Groups: After warm up and stretching we form a rookie, younger, middle and older group based upon a combination of age and ability. A campers desire to advance to an older group or stay in a younger group will be respectfully considered and ultimately depends on safety, readiness and need. In our 'farm system' we encourage campers to strive for excellence in their assigned group, make that group better, be patient and advance when called upon.
  • Catch: After we break into groups we start with a comprehensive game of catch including instruction on mechanics, long hops, transfers, tags, pump fakes, footwork, long toss and relays.

  • Square Drills: A 'square drill' includes instruction on circling the ground ball, turning double plays, catching backhanded, catching a fly ball, going back on a fly ball, throwing to the cut off and working on defensive jumps to the batted ball.

  • Games: We stress the importance of knowledge and versatility and ask campers to gain experience playing a primary, secondary and tertiary defensive position. Pace of play is a priority for a fun and productive game. To ensure solid pace we feature coach pitching calibrated to keep the ball consistently in the strike zone, keep the ball in play and to appropriately challenge an individual campers ability.

  • Pitching Lessons: Pitching lessons are given upon request before camp and during break time.

Please Note: Staff are available until 2:30pm for comprehensive pro style batting practice for an additional $50 dollars per day. 

Hamptons Baseball Camp Ballgame

What to Bring: Campers should bring their own glove and are encourage to wear baseball pants and cleats. Shirts, catchers gear, bats and helmets are provided. Hats are available for $20.

Weather Policy: Rain outs will be posted via answering machine at 631-907-2566 after 8:30am and are credit for any future camp day. In the event of rain during camp we take shelter in the cottage next to the tennis courts.